Investing in Crypto Currency

A synopsis.

The first thing to consider is why you want to invest in crypto. Do you want a Lambo? Dreaming of becoming rich over night? If yes then crypto may not be the space for you. It all depends? Do you have enough money to throw at something that may never yield you the returns you expected?

Some people spend money on crypto currencies and or sh*tcoins and never see a return. Ever read articles about how some fast food worker is now a billionaire because they "invested early"?

Before investing in anything a smart investor will do some research. No one wants to throw their hard earned money at something that will never pay off at some point? You'll need some type of foundation to begin.

There are many different crypto currencies. There has also been the invention of the crypto token. Some times people confuse the two. We will use the Ethereum blockchain as an example. Ethereum enables the ability to issue smart contracts and decentralized applications. These d-apps built on the Ethereum blockchain run non-stop with no interference. There is also a crypto currency built on top of (native to) Ethereum known as Ether or ETH for short.

There are also tokens issued by smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. These are mostly tokens based around memes although some are quickly evolving. These tokens have no other function than existing. When there's no defined function, it's plain to see.

Knowing the function or utility of the crypto you want to invest in is important. This should help you have a better view of where the project you choose is going. Investing in things that have no function or value is risky, although it can and has been done . This is where a pile of luck comes in.

No one can tell you with complete certainty which crypto or sh*tcoin is going to explode next. You have to be there on the front lines "investing" your hard earned money to find out. This is equal to playing the lottery. You would have better odds taking the money you were going to "invest" and playing the lottery with it. I digress.

The best advice for crypto investment no matter what you invest in. Buy low, Sell High.

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