Crypto Mining: How to mine cryptocurrency with a graphics card (GPU)

Mining Crypto: An advanced guide to cryptocurrency mining following the last article on crypto mining tutorials. Last Article: "Crypto Mining: How to easily start mining cryptocurrency (beginner level) Start mining in minutes!"

Download a miner. Edit configuration file. Aim your miner at the pool.

Different ways to Mine Cryptocurrencies

There are three main ways of mining cryptocurrency. CPU, GPU, and ASICS mining. The payoff will depend on what currency is mined and which method that is used. Different cryptocurrencies have different difficulties. For an explanation of mining difficulty click here.

To be brief, CPU mining is rarely profitable and ASIC miners can be very expensive. That leaves us with GPU mining which is what this article will focus on.

Mining with a pool

For this example we will use unMineable's mining pool because if you are following the recent post about cryptocurrency mining that will be familiar. Also it's super easy. There is no sign up. Just download a miner edit the configuration file and point it at the pool.

Downloading a miner

For this article we will discuss downloading T-Rex miner. The same process used here will apply for most GPU miners.

T-Rex is an easy to use efficiently optimized cryptocurrency mining software. It makes use of the full capabilities of NVIDIA graphics cards using distinctive optimization methods.

  1. Download T-Rex Miner.

  2. Extract the files and open the T-Rex folder, then select the algorithm file you want to mine (e.g, ETH-ethermine). Right click the algorithm file and select edit. This can be accomplished with notepad or any other text editor. Edit the file with YOUR mining pool URL, asset symbol, wallet address and worker. Now save this file as a .bat file. ("save as" "all files" ".bat").

  3. Open the .bat file you just created.

If you come into issues or if the miner terminates its self, check that your configuration file has been edited properly. Also make sure your graphics card has enough memory to run the miner. If you find your GPU does not have enough memory don't be deterred, just follow along here.

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