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Foremost cryptozip.finance is a blog and all the opinions expressed here are not to be misconstrued as financial advice and are the authors opinions alone. (Cryptozip is a labor of love and we do not make a profit from any interactions you may have with third parties on this site.)  LEGAL TENDER is owned by someone else. You own the cryptocurrencies you mine or buy. (excluding exchanges) Just like you own the shoes on your feet. A lot of people use currency daily and have no idea what it actually IS. At cryptozip we try to educate ourselves and others about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Many sites out there charge extra fees for buying cryptocurrency on their platforms. WE DON'T DO THAT. We have put all the resources together in one place so you, the user, might have an easier time learning and getting involved with these new and emerging technologies. 


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Cryptozip is a mining, blockchain information and education initiative . Cryptozip provides cryptocurrency services with no site fees. If you are looking to buy hash power please contact us. The Founder of cryptozip has been learning about and involved with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology since back in 2013. Learning cryptocurrency mining in 2014 and also helped administrate one of the oldest crypto currency groups on Facebook established also in Jan of 2014. Even still learning daily about emerging Blockchain technology and Decentralized-Finance. "I have created NFT's, built mini blockchains with Python and learned Dapp development with Solidity on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC721 & Crypto-Collectibles, App Front-ends & Web3.js)." At cryptozip we believe these technologies are the future and the keys to financial freedom. If you have questions you can Contact Us.

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J.P Alexander

J. P. Alexander